In section four of Before I Fall, why does Sam act and dress the way she does? How does everyone react to her?

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Sam feels like she could do anything, and she wants to be looked at. So she puts on a skirt that she folds at the waist to make it very short, five-inch platform heels, a fur-trimmed tank, and a necklace that says "SLUT" in sparkly letters that she had leftover from a Halloween costume.

Sam's parents fight with her before she leaves; her mother screams at her and her father threatens to ground her for life. Lindsay reacts with surprise and asks if there's a job at the red-light district she doesn't know about. She also tells Sam she's going to freeze. Elody just goes along with Sam's look. Most of her teachers don't react. Sam flirts with Mr. Daimler by taunting him and exposing her panties. She says she wants him; they kiss and she realizes that she doesn't want it at all.

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