In Romeo and Juliet, who seems most devastated by Juliet’s death?

Juliet takes a potion to fake her death. She and Friar Lawrence are the only characters privy to the falseness of her death, leaving the others to believe she is truly dead. Juliet's parents and Paris mourn her, but the nurse and Romeo are most impacted. The nurse is devastated, as she has taken care of Juliet since birth. Romeo immediately decides to kill himself after learning of Juliet's death, and does so after saying his final farewell to her.

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In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Juliet fakes her own death soon before committing suicide. Upon learning that Romeo is exiled from Verona for killing Tybalt, Juliet seeks help from Friar Lawrence. He gives her an elixir that will make her appear to be dead for forty-two hours, and when she awakens, she and Romeo will be able to leave Verona together. The Friar tells Juliet that he will send word to Romeo of their plan.

Juliet drinks the potion in her chambers and falls into a death-like sleep. Her seemingly dead body is discovered, and her nurse, parents, and Paris all lament over her death, as none of them are aware that she is really still alive. The Capulets are deeply saddened by the apparent death of their only child, and Paris mourns the bride he will never marry, but it is the nurse who is most distraught by the loss of Juliet. The nurse is the one who discovers Juliet's seemingly dead body. Early in the play, we learn that she has cared for Juliet since birth. The nurse is...

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