In Romeo and Juliet how is Juliet impulsive?

In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet demonstrates impulsivity through the speed at which she falls in love with Romeo, her kissing him without really knowing his name or character, and her quick decision to end her own life.

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It's important to consider Juliet's age when determining how to judge her impulsivity. Not even fourteen, she sometimes seems wise far beyond her years and at other times seems not quite capable of slowing down to rationally consider her decisions and their potential implications—a quality that is still attributed to typical teenage behavior hundreds of years after Juliet's character was created.

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, the speed at which Juliet falls for Romeo is impulsive. It's especially rash considering the historical context for women at the time. Her father is already negotiating her marriage to Paris, and while Juliet isn't on board with this, women didn't really have a voice during this time period to speak out against the plans of men in their lives. By circumventing her father's plans, Juliet risks being disowned, which could leave her destitute.

She also kisses Romeo before she learns his name. This is quite risky for a woman, particularly of her social...

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