In Romeo and Juliet, how does Juliet feel about Tybalt’s death?

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The scene in which Juliet learns and then processes the news of Tybalt's death is one of the most challenging for an actor playing this role. Beginning with her anticipation of consummating her marriage to Romeo ("Gallop apace . . ."), she is then thrown into anxiety and despair at her misinterpretation of the Nurse's distress, thinking it is Romeo who has been killed. As she begins to straighten out the news the Nurse brings, Juliet confronts many of the tensions driving this play. In addition to her desire for love to be spiritual, rather than the merely physical act others in the play present, she also wants choose whom she will love and transcend the family feud between the Capulets and Montagues. She is sorting through her individual allegiances, finding her prior network of family support to be inadequate.

But she does love her cousin, a favorite of the Nurse and her mother, as well. Tybalt seems rather surly and impetuous at the Capulet party, seeking out Romeo for a duel, but he is...

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