River of Earth Questions and Answers
by James Still

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In River of Earth, how does James Still develop the individual's, the family's, and the community's perspectives?

The individual's, family's, and community's perspectives are developed by James Still by discussing the shortage of food and Brack's generosity from every perspective. From our protagonist's point of view, his father's generosity means he often goes hungry. Family, in Brack's eyes, is a far broader concept than just his wife and child. From the community's perspective, Brack's home is a meal ticket.

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We are introduced to the perspective of the individual by our protagonist , who often goes hungry. His frequent hunger is partly due to his father's charity. A great example of this is when the family were waiting for the beans they had planted to be ready to eat. As soon as they were ready, a group of starving people arrived, and our protagonist's father, Brack, allowed them to take...

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