by Helen Maria Fiske

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In Ramona, how does Felipe Moreno get his land?

In Ramona, Felipe Moreno gets his land because it belonged to his mother, Señora Moreno, who had a sheep ranch.

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Felipe Moreno gets his land because it belonged to his mother. We are told early on in the story that Señora Moreno is wealthy and owns a sheep ranch. It can be assumed that that is why Ramona's foster mother, before her death, asked Señora Moreno to look after the young girl. It is a troubled upbringing for young Ramona, because while Señora Moreno and her sheep ranch provide young Ramona with every material thing she could ever need, she lacks the the one thing that every child needs—unconditional love.

Ramona winds up leaving the ranch in pursuit of the unconditional love that she finds with Alessandro. The two met while Alessandro was working for Señora Moreno and leave together to go to Temecula, where Alessandro had lived. The couple—Ramona, who is Scottish and Native American, and Alessandro, who is Native American—suffer a variety of hardships, predominantly due to the color of their skin. Alessandro eventually dies, leaving Ramona alone with a young child.

It is after Alessandro's death that Señora Moreno's son, Felipe, comes for her and takes her back to his mother's estate. It is thanks to the woman who had never been able to love Ramona due to her mixed heritage that she and her second husband, Felipe, have a safe home and land to return to. Despite his mother's ambivalence, Felipe has always loved Ramona, and once they have settled, the two have several more children.

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