In part two of Fahrenheit 451, what homemade communication tool did Faber give Montag?

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In Part Two, Montag visits Faber's home in hopes of learning how to comprehend the information he has been reading. Faber is initially reluctant to help Montag challenge the oppressive authoritarian regime, but he eventually agrees and offers him a homemade communication device known as the green bullet. The green bullet resembles a tiny Seashell ear radio but is a two-way communication device, which will allow Montag to speak with Faber imperceptibly. Faber mentions that when he had made the two-way communication, he planned on resisting the government but was too cowardly to act.

Montag takes the green bullet and Faber reads the Bible to him throughout the night. Faber also gives Montag valuable advice via the green bullet while Captain Beatty attempts to dissuade him from reading books. Eventually, Captain Beatty notices the green bullet and hits it out of Montag's ear. When Beatty threatens to locate the person on the other end communicating with Montag, Montag shoots and kills him using a flamethrower.

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In Part Two of “Fahrenheit 451” called “The Sieve and the Sand”, Faber gives Montag a homemade device that they will be able to use to communicate with one another.  This device is a two-way radio that Montag will put into his ears so that he and Faber will be in continuous communication.  This two-way radio is used throughout the novel for the two men to have easy, private, and safe communication with one another.  It is not difficult for the men to hide the fact that they are communicating through these since other characters use them as a way to listen to their televisions and hear constant sound – Milred uses them in the novel.

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