In Part 2 of Fahrenheit 451, after the women leave, Montag has a moment of self-reflection. Describe it.

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After Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles left Montag's house in a huff because Montag had read to them and had pointed out their shallow lives, Montag first checks his book stash.  He sees a few are missing and figures that Mildred had started getting rid of the books.  Montag took a few and hid them among some bushes just in case she decided to get rid of more books that night.  Then Montag headed to the fire station.  As he travels, he does a lot of thinking.  He realizes he has turned a corner in his life and there is no going back; he will never again be the robotic man he once was.  He knows that, as he listens to Faber's voice, he will become more and more like Faber.  He will become a thinker  What he doesn't fully realize yet in this self-awareness awakening, is that while he knows he won't be just like Faber, he doesn't know in what way he will be different from Faber.  Faber never did anything to stop what was happening in the world, but Montag is doing something.  He is striking a blow to their society.  Montag knows that out of all the madness that is happening and out of all the changing he is going through, he will emerge a better man than he is.  He will be more aware and know better what he should do.

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