In Paranoia, were Wyatt and Goddard working together?

Wyatt and Goddard were not working together. In fact, they were arch rivals. Nick Wyatt sends his employee, Adam Cassidy, to work for Jock Goddard to spy on him and acquire information about Goddard's "Project Aurora."

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No, Wyatt and Goddard were not working together. In fact, the two are archrivals. The CEO of Wyatt Communications, Nick Wyatt, gives Adam Cassidy the job of becoming a corporate spy and infiltrating Trion Systems, a company which is owned by Wyatt's longtime rival, Jock Goddard.

Adam got himself into this predicament after a corporate prank gone wrong, in which he diverted some money to throw a retirement party for a colleague. Nick Wyatt gave him the option of having charges for embezzlement pressed against him, or going undercover as a corporate spy for him and find out everything there is to know about Jock Goddard's "Project Aurora."

In his role as corporate spy, Adam's identity and resume get a makeover, and he gets a job working at Trion. He dutifully gathers all the information he can and keeps Wyatt informed, all the while working harder than he probably ever has to keep nosy colleagues at bay and bypass security systems when they get in his way.

Things get complicated, however, when Adam starts to feel more loyalty to Jock Goddard than he ever did to Nick Wyatt. While Wyatt had never had anything nice to say to Adam, Goddard treats him more like a family member than a protégée. He is soon driving a Porsche and fancy suits, which makes it hard for Adam to remember where his loyalties lie.

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