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In order to conduct ethical research, what four things must a sociologist do?

In order to conduct ethical research, a sociologist must make sure that research is safe, free, useful, and valid; select the subjects fairly; inform the subjects about the research and obtain their consent; and ensure that the subjects won't be harmed and that all of their rights will be respected.

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There are several important guidelines that sociologists need to follow when conducting ethical research, some of which are as follows.

Free, independent, safe and scientifically valid research: Sociologists are obligated to conduct free and independent research; they must be objective and unbiased. Sociologists must also always be open and truthful and report any findings or conclusions they come to—they mustn't withhold any information. The research must also be safe for everyone involved, and the research methods and practices must be valid and reliable.

Fair selection of subjects: Sociologists must pick and select the subjects fairly. They mustn't show favoritism or prejudice. The research subjects should feel comfortable (in every aspect possible) before, during, and after the research.

Informed consent: One of the most important things a sociologist can do when conducting ethical research is obtain consent. Informed consent is a process of communication between the subjects and the researcher in which the subjects give consent or permission to be included in the research study. The subjects must also be properly informed about all of the benefits of the research study as well as all possible risks and consequences.

Beneficence and respect of human rights: Sociologists must ensure that the research is completely safe and that it does not harm the subjects in any way. Beneficence is an ethical principle that requires all sociologists to act in the benefit of the subjects. They must treat the subjects with utmost respect, and they should be mindful of their personal values, feelings, and opinions. Sociologists must also respect the privacy and confidentiality of the subjects and respect those who aren't directly involved in the research study (such as friends and family of the subjects). Sociologists should also monitor the subjects' physical and mental health and state.

These are just some of the things a sociologists must do when conducting ethical research. You can find more information about this topic here and here, as well as in the links below.

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