A Good Man Is Hard to Find Questions and Answers
by Flannery O’Connor

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In one of her letters, O’Connor says about her writing, “I write the way I do because (not though) I am a Catholic” (The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O'Connor). How does religiousness influence the themes in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”? How does the grandmother, a seemingly religious person, factor in this?

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In "A Good Man is Hard to Find," O'Connor writes a story that expresses her Christian theology that God's grace can pour down on any of us.

The grandmother shows that she has been brought up as a Christian when she appeals to the Misfit to pray:

“If you would pray,” the old lady said, “Jesus would help you.”

The grandmother again invokes Jesus as she hears the gunshots in the woods telling her that her family members are being killed. At this point, she is appealing desperately to the Misfit in an attempt to save her own life:

“Jesus!” the old lady cried. “You’ve got good blood! I know you wouldn’t shoot a lady! I know you come from nice! Pray! Jesus, you ought not to...

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