In Of Mice and Men, how are Lennie, Crooks, and Candy similar?

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Lennie, Crooks, and Candy are all powerless individuals who are positioned towards the bottom of the social hierarchy on the ranch and are considered vulnerable individuals. Lennie is powerless because he is mentally handicapped and relies on his friend George for support and protection. His mental handicap makes him vulnerable, and Curley chooses to pick a fight with him. Candy is physically handicapped, and his old age jeopardizes his livelihood. He is reduced to the lowly role of a swamper and fears that he will be let go in the near future. Similarly, Crooks is powerless because of his race and physical condition. As the only black man on the ranch, Crooks suffers from discrimination and is forced to live segregated from the other white workers in the bunkhouse.

In addition to their lowly statuses and lack of power on the ranch, all three characters are voiceless. Nobody listens to Lennie because he is mentally disabled, and Candy does not command any authority whenever he speaks. In...

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