In Night, what was Elie's main thought during selection? What prayer were those around him saying as they headed into the camp?

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Elie's thought throughout the selection process and on into his entrance to the camp was to stay with his father.  Earlier, he had been separated from his siblings and mother.  As only his father remained with him after the initial selection, Elie focused on staying with his father at all costs.

Once they began to march into the camp, Elie realized that those around him were saying the Kaddish prayer.  Those familiar with Judaism know this to be a prayer said to honor the dead.  What was striking about the fact that those marching with him were saying the prayer was that they were saying it (a prayer for the dead) for themselves.  No doubt, they saw the flames rising from the crematorium and the open pits of bodies and assumed that they were marching to their own deaths.

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