In Nectar in a Sieve, what are Rukmani and Nathan most surprised by when they approach the doctor who once employed their son, Murugan?

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When Nathan and Rukmani find out that their land will be sold to the tannery, they are shocked and dismayed. Without the land, they have nothing. They decide to go to the city and find help and refuge with their son Murugan and his wife. Selvam agrees to help look after Ira and Sacrabani. When they reach the city, Nathan and Rukmani have no idea how to find their son. At night, they seek safety and food in a temple. Ironically, the only bundles of belongings they have are stolen there while they are sleeping. The next morning, they also find out that the money in Rukmani's pouch that was tied to her waistband has also been taken. With literally nothing left, the couple wander the street in hopes that they can be directed to their son. They ask a young group of children for directions to Murugan's location. One of them, a boy named Puli who has leprosy, says that he will take them to Birla, the man for whom Murugan supposedly works. When they get to the location, the servants tell them that no one by the name of Murugan lives there. As they turn to leave, the doctor who once employed Murugan arrives. She tells them that she has not seen Murugan for over two years. She says that he left to make more money working for the Collector on Chalmundi Hill. Nathan is not happy to hear this news. When they finally get to the Collector's house, they only find Murugan's wife Ammu. She tells them Murugan has left her and is probably not coming back. Not wanting to burden her, Nathan and Rukmani leave soon after. Now, with no prospects of finding Murugan, Nathan and Rukmani return to the city. They are disappointed in their son Murugan's actions. In addition, they have no money and no hope, and it seems things will continue to go downhill for them.

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