In My Antonia, what did Lena, Tiny, and Antonia consider the basis of success, and how well did they achieve it?

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For Antonia, life is a constant battle of being caught between the happiness and optimism that comes naturally to her and the unfortunate circumstances that seem to follow her through life. For her, the basis of success is to be the mother figure in a loving, stable family. Things don't appear to be going well when she is abandoned—while pregnant and destitute—by her fiancé. Thanks to that inner optimism, however, she perseveres through this hardship, and later marries and has more children, thereby making her basis for success a reality.

For Lena Lingard, on the other hand, getting married and settling down are the last things on her mind. For her, the basis of success is independence and excitement. She makes this a reality by opening up her own dress store in Lincoln. While the enigmatic Lena could have married any number of eager suitors, she remains true to her own desire for independence.

Tiny Soderball, who arrives as a hired girl together with the others, desires adventure...

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