In Much Ado About Nothing, what is Leonato's reaction when Claudio rejects Hero?

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The rejection of Hero happens as she and Claudio have come before the Friar (plus all the characters of the play and the audience) to be married in Act IV, scene i.  The actual line of accusation is this:


Not to be married, not to knit my soul

To an approved wanton.

To which Leonato at first tries to appease Claudio by suggesting that if he, Claudio, has been the one to "de-flower" Hero, then --   But he is cut off by Claudio, who makes it clear that it is not he that has taken Hero's virginity and that she is "more intemperate" than "those pamper'd animals/That rage in savage sensuality."

Leonato then attempts to have Don Pedro speak against this, but,...

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