In Miguel Street, what does the narrator make in Popo’s workshop?

The narrator makes an egg-stand in Popo's workshop in Miguel Street.

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In chapter 3, the narrator visits Popo in his homemade, rickety iron workshop. He asks Popo to give him something to make, not because he really wants to make something, but because he enjoys Popo's company. Popo asks the narrator what it is that he really wants to make. The narrator struggles to think of anything that he really wants to make, and so he eventually settles on making a simple egg-stand. He says that he will make it for his mother. Popo laughs and seems to think that the narrator's mother won't use the egg-stand.

After the narrator makes his egg-stand, he gives it to his mother, who is pleased—at least for a short while. She uses it "for about a week," but then she seems to "forget all about it." Instead of using the egg-stand that her son has made for her, she decides instead to store her eggs "in bowls or plates, just as she did before." This could be because the novelty of her son's egg-stand quickly wears off, or it could be because the quality of her son's workmanship is not especially good.

When the narrator later tells Popo that Popo was right, and that his mother quickly forgot about the egg-stand he made for her, Popo laughs. Popo than tells him that the only thing worth making is "the thing without a name." Indeed, this is the only thing that Popo himself ever seems to be making.

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