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by William Shakespeare

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In Macbeth, the lord in act 3, scene 6 is not identified, but he seems to know a great deal about the state of affairs in Scotland. Discuss where he might have obtained all this information and who he might be. Talk about the significance of this brief conversation and where it might be taking place.

In Macbeth, based on his knowledge of the current whereabouts of Macduff and the activities of Malcolm, along with his estimate that Macbeth is the murderer of Duncan, one can assume that the lord in act 3, scene 6 is a rebel leader. The exchange significantly conveys the exposition that Macduff has gone to England to join Malcolm, who is seeking help from King Edward against the forces of Macbeth. The scene is set at the Scottish palace at Forres.

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The unidentified lord appears in act 3, scene 6 of Macbeth, which takes place at the Scottish royal palace at Forres and serves primarily to supply some important exposition. He also confirms the growing suspicions of Lennox, who is uncertain about exactly who might have killed Duncan, that it was Macbeth and not the sons of the king, who is responsible.

In replying to Lennox, his most significant news is that Macduff is already on his way to England to join forces with Malcolm. There, the young king in exile and his brother are seeking the help of King Edward to take revenge against the forces of Macbeth and return the Scottish throne to its rightful heir.

When Lennox asks the lord whether Macbeth sent a messenger after Macduff to command him to return to Scotland, the lord affirms that he did but that his former ally rudely refused. The scene ends with both men calling upon a higher power to vanquish the diabolical regicide.

Given his knowledge of these details, it is reasonable to assume that this unnamed lord is one of the rebel leaders and has been in contact with the people of Northumberland and the elder Siward, the general who will lead the English troops against Macbeth.

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