In “Macavity: The Mystery Cat” by T. S. Eliot, what is the meter for each line?

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Let's look at the first stanza, shown below. I will put each accented syllable in bold and separate one metrical foot from another with a "|" symbol:

Ma ca | vi ty's | a Mys | te ry Cat | he's called | the Hid |den Paw
For he's | the mas | ter cri | mi nal | who can | de fy | the Law.
He's the baf | fle ment | of Scot | land Yard | the Fly | ing Squad's | des pair
For when | they reach | the scene | of crime | Ma ca | vi ty's | not there!

The predominant, or most common, metrical foot here is the iamb . An...

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