In Love Medicine, Nector and Eli Kashpaw are brothers and members of the eldest generation. Nector is an educated family man, while Eli is quieter and more reclusive. In what ways are the brothers alike? In what other ways do they differ?

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Nector was the youngest son of Rushes Bear and Kashpaw. He was recognized as being quite smart by his parents and was sent to boarding school where he studied alongside white students. Nector was also a good-looking boy and a handsome man, but he could be vain and arrogant.

Just to set the record clear, I am a good-looking boy, tall and slim, without a belly hanging in the way. I can have the pick of girls, is what I'm saying.

Nector married Marie Lazarre, and they had three children: Gordie, Zelda, and Aurelia. But he also had a long-term affair with Lulu Lamartine, his childhood sweetheart, which resulted in another son, Lyman. Despite being a father to four children, Nector wasn’t a paternal man.

Nector was also an alcoholic who suffered from depression. Despite this, Marie stayed with him and, with her support, Nector became chairman of the tribal council. As he grew older, Nector became senile before choking to death on a turkey heart which Marie had given to him thinking it to be a "love medicine."

Eli Kashpaw is Nector’s older brother. He is a quiet, reliable, and down-to-earth character. Eli wasn’t sent to school like Nector, but he is smart like his brother and was taught how to live off the land.

Eli has second sense and an aim I cannot match.

He was kind and caring and, although he never married, he raised June after her mother died. Unlike Nector, as he grew older, Eli remained mentally razor-sharp.

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