In Lorna Doone, did Carver threaten to kill Lorna if she didn't agree to marry him?

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Carver Doone threatens to kill Lorna Doone if she doesn't agree to marry him.

Lorna doesn't like Carver, let alone love him. When he finds her after she's left, he holds a gun pointed at her heart. At that moment, she's so scared that she can only stare at him. She can't even lift her hands to block her heart from the bullet she believes he'll shoot at her. However, he lowers the gun until it's pointed down and fires between her feet. Muck sprays all over her.

He tells her that unless she comes home unspoiled, he'll kill her. This was the one time he'd agree to spare her. He says:

"I have spared you this time only because it suits my plans; and I never yield to temper. But unless you come back to-morrow, pure, and with all you took away, and teach me to destroy that fool, who has destroyed himself for you, your death is here, your death is here, where it has long been waiting."

Then he turns and walks away without looking back.

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