In Lord of the Flies, what is the first accomplishment on the island?

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At the beginning of the story, Ralph and Piggy are wandering by themselves near the beach when they spot a beautiful conch shell in the lagoon. The boys proceed to retrieve the large shell from the lagoon, and Piggy instructs Ralph to blow into it to beckon the other boys scattered throughout the island. Ralph ends up blowing into the conch, which makes a booming, resounding noise. The loud noise gets the attention of the other boys, who gradually walk towards Ralph and Piggy and gather on the platform. Once the boys gather on the platform, Piggy attempts to get the names of each boy but is unable to do so because of the confusion and excitement.

Ralph then mentions that the boys should have a chief, and Jack immediately suggests that he be given the title because he is chapter chorister, head boy, and can sing in C sharp. Surprisingly, Roger suggests that the boys vote for a chief. The boys end up voting for a chief and elect Ralph as their leader simply because he confidently holds the beautiful conch shell, which is impressive and inspiring.

One could argue that the boys' first accomplishment on the island is voting for a chief. By voting for their leader, the boys exercise democracy and lay the foundation for a civil, organized society. Electing a chief also puts Ralph in a leadership role, and he will be able to give necessary instructions to create a structured, civil society.

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