In Lord of The Flies, what happens when Jack asks to vote Ralph out as chief? What does Jack do after this?

When Jack asks to vote out Ralph as chief, the other boys reject his blatant power grab. At this stage of the story, they still respect the conch shell and all it represents. Jack storms off in a huff, angry at his public humiliation. But this only makes him more dangerous, as he's now all the more determined to have absolute power for himself.

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In chapter 8, Ralph is completely beside himself after seeing the beast at the top of the mountain and struggles to come up with an idea to relight the signal fire and restore order among the group. When Jack makes the suggestion that his hunters could kill the beast, Ralph offends him by saying, "Boys armed with sticks" (Golding, 179). Jack angrily responds by taking the conch and calling an assembly. Jack begins the assembly by stating that they witnessed the menacing beast at the top of the mountain and criticizes Ralph for saying that the hunters are "no good." Jack goes on to say that Ralph thinks the hunters are cowards, compares him to Piggy, and insists that he is not a proper chief.
Jack also states that all Ralph does is give orders and attempts to usurp power by holding a vote to remove Ralph from his position as chief. When Jack asks the boys to raise their hands to remove Ralph as chief, no one votes in favor of his removal. At this point in the story, the majority of boys still...

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