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by William Shakespeare

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In Looking For Richard by Al Pacino, how does Pacino portray the equality of women and men and their more dominant and equal roles in our modern society as opposed to the way women are treated in Richard III?

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Al Pacino's 1996 documentary Looking for Richard features famous actors playing out scenes from Richard III interspersed with man-on-the-street interviews, scholarly analysis, and commentary by the actors on their roles. The film is meant to bring out some of Shakespeare's central themes and ideas from the play and to demonstrate how they are still relevant in modern society. Moreover, Pacino is tasked with explaining how the modern actor is the conduit for this message and must overcome some of the barriers that exist between Shakespearean theater and the commonly held precepts of American storytelling.

Female characters are crucial to the play, with four in particular—Queen Elizabeth, Lady Anne, Margaret and The Duchess—used in various ways to foreshadow Richard's ultimate fate during his Machiavellian rise to power and short time on the throne. They serve as the voice of morality in the play, and Shakespeare uses them to explore themes like divine order, greed, and struggling for...

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