In Life of Pi, what 3 religions does Pi follow and why?

In Life of Pi, the three religions that Pi follows are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. He follows Hinduism because he loves and connects with its sensory experiences, Christianity because he is drawn to the love that is central to it and to Christ, and Islam because of its "brotherhood and devotion."

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Pi grows up as a Hindu and loves the trappings of the religion. His mother took him to a temple in Madurai. He says that the color, sound, and mystery of the temple stayed with him and made him appreciate religion; that feeling grew throughout his life. He says that he is a Hindu because of all the lovely things about the religion, like the bright colors, clanging of bells, and sounds of the drums. He loves and connects to these sensory experiences. He says that he feels at home in a Hindu temple and that the universe makes sense to him when explained in the way the Hindu religion explains it.

When Pi starts to explore Christianity, he can't figure out why God would allow Jesus to die. He asks the priest, who tells him that God did so because of love. That love was what it all came down to. Pi really appreciates this answer. It's the answer to most of the questions he has about Christianity. Jesus becomes a topic that he can't stop thinking about and then he decides that he wants to...

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