Life of Pi Questions and Answers
by Yann Martel

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In Life of Pi, how does Pi's faith contribute to his survival? I need to write an essay on this. Input would be greatly appreciated, along with quotes and page numbers. 

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From the wording of the prompt, it appears that you have already decided that Pi's religion and faith play an integral part in his survival on the life boat. My first suggestion to this essay is to nail down a solid thesis. Don't write the paper and then write the thesis like some students try to do. The thesis statement exists to guide the paper.

As for supporting quotes, the text has a lot that you could use that links Pi's faith to his ability to survive. One thing for sure is that Pi's take on religion is unique because of how it combines three different belief systems. This also shows that Pi is mentally tough and that mental toughness is what absolutely aids him on the boat. Readers can see this mental toughness and deep faith commitment already in chapter four.

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