King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa Questions and Answers
by Adam Hochschild

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In King Leopold's Ghost, how does Hochschild answer his own question, “What made it possible for the functionaries (think soldiers or mercenaries) in the Congo to so blithely watch the chicotte in action deal out pain and death in other ways as well?” (121) How would you answer this question in regards to Leopold’s Congo and to other officially sanctioned atrocities? Briefly discuss one instance since 1990 where “functionaries” participated in sanctioned atrocities.

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In King Leopold's Ghost, his classic expose of the ravages of colonialism in the Belgian Congo, Adam Hochschild responds to his own rhetorical question which asks how the soldiers could observe the beatings by those wielding the chicottes (a whip made from rhinocerous skin) and inflict pain and death on so many others.

First, he explains that...

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