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by William Shakespeare

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In Julius Caesar, why did Caesar not want to stay home the day he of his assassination?

In Julius Caesar, Caesar did not want to stay at home on the day of his assassination, despite ample warning from his wife and the soothsayers, because he was afraid that the senate would believe that he was afraid to appear in public.

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On the night before his assassination, in act 2, scene 2 of Julius Caesar, Caesar's wife has terrible premonitory dreams of his imminent demise. When she describes these visions to her husband, she also mentions that strange, unearthly events, such as a lioness giving birth in the street and the dead emerging from their graves, that have been observed by the watch and begs her husband not to leave the house this day.

Next, his servant tells him that the soothsayer would not have him "stir forth" this day, after the examination of the entrails of the sacrificial animal revealed that it had no heart. Yet, Caesar is unmoved by these ill-tidings:

The gods do this in shame of...

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