In Julie of the Wolves, what did Kapugen teach Miyax about the wolves?

In Julie of the Wolves, Kapugen, Miyax's father, taught Miyax about how wolf packs operate. He tells her about how they interact with humans and how they eat and live.

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Kapugen is Miyax's father, and he taught her a great deal about wolves. There is not a single location to look for this answer in the story, because Miyax is constantly being reminded of things that her father taught her about individual wolves and how a wolf pack operates.

One of the first things that Miyax specifically remembers about her father's lessons is about a wolf's diet. Kapugen told Miyax that wolves don't eat people because they are "gentle brothers." It is knowledge like this that gives Miyax a great deal of confidence to continue trying to befriend the wolves and make herself a part of the pack.

A second specific lesson that Kapugen taught his daughter is that wolves are shy. This is why, more often than not, a wolf pack will desert its den if it is discovered by humans. In that same paragraph, Miyax also remembers what her father told her about a wolf's incredibly sensitive sense of smell. He told her that with a single sniff, a wolf would know if a person was a boy, girl, adult, or child. The wolf's sense of smell could also determine if the human was hunting, not hunting, happy, or even sad.

A few of Kapugen's lessons taught Miyax about wolves and eating. They hunt the weak and sick and bring food back to the dens.

"They're chasing the weakest," Miyax said in astonishment. "It's just like Kapugen said—wolves take the old and sick."

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