Island of the Blue Dolphins Questions and Answers
by Scott O'Dell

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In Island of the Blue Dolphins, why does Karana no longer like living in the village?

Karana no longer likes living in the village, because it haunts her with the memories of her loved ones and the terrible events that led to her isolation.

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Karana ceases living in the village because it reminds her of the terrible events that led to her isolation on the island.

After the battle and strife brought on by the Aleutian hunters, which kills many of the villagers on the island, including Karana's father, the other villagers leaves on a ship. Karana's younger brother, Ramos, gets left behind, and Karana jumps ship and swims back to shore to take care of her brother. They are alone and trying to survive, when Ramos goes by himself to the canoes. He is killed by a pack of wild...

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