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by Jon Krakauer

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In Into the Wild, what did Ronald Franz reveal about Chris McCandless's character?

In Into the Wild, Ronald Franz revealed that Chris McCandless was an intelligent, creative, nonconformist young man who was frustrated with mainstream society and determined to live life on his own terms. McCandless was also angry with his family and averse to forming lasting relationships with other people. He ultimately left Franz behind and criticized the older man's life choices in a letter, showing what could be interpreted as arrogance or self-centeredness.

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In Into the Wild, journalist Jon Krakauer pieces together the experiences of various people who met Christopher McCandless to paint a fuller picture of his character and his journey to Alaska. Ronald Franz, an elderly man living in Salton City, is one of these people. There are a few different ways Ronald Franz reveals the character of Christopher McCandless; you can decide which area to focus on.

In chapter 6, through Franz, we see McCandless as an intelligent, well-groomed young man. “He seemed extremely intelligent,” Franz states. Franz immediately recognizes that the young man, who introduces himself as Alex, is not the average hitchhiker. McCandless confirms this by telling Franz, “I have a college education. I’m not destitute. I’m living like this by choice.”

Despite his privileged upbringing, McCandless is accepting of people whom the rest of society treats with mistrust. Franz sees McCandless as “too nice a kid to be living ... with those nudists and drunks and dope...

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