Internment Questions and Answers
by Samira Ahmed

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In Internment, what are the names of the security guards at Camp Mobius?

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The book Internment by Samira Ahmed tells the story of Muslim Americans in a dystopian setting in the United States. Similar to the experiences of Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II, in the novel Internment, Muslim Americans travel to California, where they are contained in a camp. This camp, named Camp Mobius, boasts strict rules enforced by security staff and a heavily secured perimeter with electric fences surrounding the edges of the property. The security staff members at Camp Mobius consist of camp guards and the Director, who has his own small private detail of personal security guards.

The protagonist of the young adult novel, Layla Amin, frequently refers to the "Director," the Director's "security detail," and the "guards." At times, the novel provides a more personal look into the lives of the guards. Layla befriends a character by the name of Jake who was once a member of the National Guard and became an "Exclusion Guard" by the time of the narrative. Other than Jake, the other members of the security staff remain mostly anonymous and impersonalized. The head of security himself is nameless throughout the entirety of the novel. Layla simply refers to this character as the Director.

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