In "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" why does Pahom want to buy land from the Bashkirs?

In "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" Pahom wants to buy land from the Bashkirs because they are presenting to him what seems to be an irresistible bargain. Pahom can have as much of their land as he can traverse in a single day, all for just a thousand rubles. In his immense greed, Pahom is unable to turn down such a deal, and his unquenchable desire for more ultimately undoes him.

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Tolstoy's "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" is a story that is all about greed and land hunger, with its central protagonist, Pahom, never satisfied with what he currently possesses but always driven to acquire still greater quantities of land for himself. In this way, as Tolstoy's story takes shape, Pahom is characterized as continuously looking to seize advantage of any opportunity that promises to improve his current prospects.

This brings the story to its climax , when Pahom accepts the offer from the Bashkirs, who would allow him to own as much land as he can walk around in the course of a single day (with the caveat that, should he fail to complete this circuit before time expires, all of the land would then be forfeited). For Pahom, this offer presents an extraordinary opportunity, the likes of which he is unable to resist. However, in the end, Pahom's insatiable land hunger proves to be his undoing. He overextends himself, and thus kills himself by exertion as he attempts to...

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