In Homeless Bird, why does Koly fight others for her doorstep?

Koly fights others for her doorstep because it's the place she calls home. For a homeless person in India like herself, it's very difficult to find a regular place to sleep. Having finally found such a place, Koly is understandably reluctant to let go of it.

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Koly is desperately trying to look for work in order to keep body and soul together. But that's much easier said than done. As she tells us, for every job there are a hundred job-seekers. Koly's homelessness compounds the problem, as employers tend to insist on job applicants having a postal address.

Koly doesn't have much in life, but one thing she does have is the doorstep where she lives. For a week, this doorstep off the Purana Bazaar is the place she calls home. For a homeless person, it's very important to have a regular place to sleep, even if it's only a humble doorstep, so Koly doesn't take kindly to other people sleeping there. If she sees anyone trying to sleep on what she considers to be her doorstep, she will immediately chase them away.

Koly frankly acknowledges that her actions are selfish, but her hunger and her fear have turned her into a completely different person, the kind of greedy, cold-hearted person she's always despised. This is what life on the streets does to people: the necessity of their situation renders them incapable of looking out for anyone's interests but their own. Koly knows this all too well, but under the circumstances, there's almost nothing she can do about it.

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