In Holes, what surprising thing did Stanley find out about his stay at Camp Green Lake?

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In Camp Green Lake, the juveniles are required to dig holes five feet deep and five feet wide to "build character." After Stanley runs away from Camp Green Lake to save Zero, the two boys end up surviving on God's Thumb, where they eat Sam's magical healing onions.

After their brief respite, Stanley learns that Zero was the person who stole Clyde Livingston's shoes and that they were required to dig holes in order to find Kissin' Kate Barlow's buried treasure. The boys decide to travel back to the camp to dig up the treasure without the Warden or any of the counselors spotting them.

When they return to the camp at night, they dig up a suitcase, which surprisingly has Stanley Yelnats's name written on the side. Although the Warden catches them, the Attorney General arrives along with Stanley's attorney and both boys get to leave Camp Green Lake with the suitcase. When Stanley finally opens the suitcase, he is surprised to find stock certificates, deeds of trust, and promissory notes which make him and Zero rich.

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Louis Sachar's Holes tells the story of 14-year-old Stanley Yelnats, whose family has been cursed with bad luck for generations. This curse manifests in Stanley's life when he is accused of stealing a pair of shoes donated to an orphanage by a famous basketball player. He is found guilty and sent to a juvenile detention center called Camp Green Lake, which is located in the middle of a desert. Part of Stanley's punishment is being required to dig one hole, five feet wide and five feet deep, every day.

Stanley's surprise comes when he realizes that the counselors require him to dig holes not to "build character," as they claim, but because they are looking for something in particular. When he and his friend Zero leave the camp, they find the treasure and Stanley realizes it was stolen from the same great-great grandfather that started the curse on his family. The treasure is a collection of jewels and bonds, which Stanley and Zero share to help their families.

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Stanley finds out many surprising things during his stay at Camp Green Lake. He learns that the true purpose of the camp is to search for buried treasure in order to make the Warden rich, but this is not the most surprising thing. Perhaps the most surprising is the revelation of his own family’s history.

At the end of the novel, Stanley finds a suitcase full of treasure, worth quite a large sum of money. This trunk belonged to his ancestor, who had become wealthy in America only to have his money stolen and lost in the middle of the former lake, Green Lake. Generations of his family would be cursed with bad luck until a member ritually carried Madame Zeroni (or her descendant, Hector) to the tip of a mountain. When Stanley completes this task inadvertently, their fortunes are reversed, and Stanley discovers the treasure, unraveling the thread of his family history.

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