In Hoffmann’s "The Sandman," the narrator tells us that "in the past Nathanael had shown a special gift for composing charming and vivid stories." What effect does the act of writing the fantasy narrative poem have on Nathanael? What is the effect of its content when read out loud? Discuss the version of the Romantic imagination Nathanael represents through this act of composition.

In Hoffmann's "The Sandman," Nathaniel's fantasy poem is a symbol of his growing madness. When he was younger, his creative stories were a positive display of creativity. However, as he got older and began his descent into madness, his writings became darker and more morbid. The poem was the climax of this and was his darkest work.

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Nathaniel's poem in "The Sandman," originally written in German by E. T. A. Hoffmann, is the symbol of his madness.

The story tells of a young man who began to feel haunted by a man who had scared him as a child and possibly killed his father. As an adult, Nathaniel thinks he sees this man again.

Though he tries to seek help from his childhood friend and girlfriend, they dismiss his fears and tell him that he is imagining the return of Coppelius. For a long time Nathaniel remains at home, attempting to recover from his fright.

However, during this time he begins writing stories. Unlike the creative stories he wrote as a child, these are dark and sinister. Nathaniel is isolated in his fears and consumed by these dark images...

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