In his book Hunger of Memory, how does Richard Rodriguez use the methods of pathos, ethos, and logos in the chapter titled "Aria"?

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The ideas of logos, pathos, and ethos go all the way back to the ancient Greeks, and it might be worth looking at Aristotle's treatise on rhetoric for the origin of these terms. In Richard Rodriguez's 1982 autobiography Hunger of Memory , Rodriguez employs all three of these rhetorical devices. Looking at the "Aria" section, there are many examples of pathos, which is the appeal to the reader's emotions. Because he is telling his story, he, like many memoir writers, wants to enlist the reader's sympathy. He does so by showing his younger self an isolated figure. In these passages, he recalls going to school and knowing very little English, as well as being surrounded by white students. There is a tension between wanting to learn the language spoken by his peers and preserving his native language, which his parents speak at home. There's a poignancy and nostalgia to his writing, made more powerful because his style is understated and subtle. He's not deliberately playing to our emotions, at...

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