In "Hills Like White Elephants," Hemingway conveys his point through setting and symbolism. Describe what could be the symbolic meaning of two rail lines, water, absinthe, fields of grain, the dry side of the valley, the curtain, the hotel stickers, hills like white elephants, and putting the bags on the opposite side of the tracks.

In "Hills Like White Elephants," the symbols and the setting reinforce Hemingway's theme that the young couple faces a stark choice between having a baby or having an abortion. The couple is alienated from each other and the society around them. Symbols such as train tracks, bead curtains, absinthe, shade, and two starkly different settings on either side of the railroad tracks stand in for their alienation and their choices.

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This is a story about the psychological separation of an American man and his girlfriend, Jig. She is pregnant. She wants to keep the baby and settle down. Her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion. They are disconnected, and the relationship is disintegrating. She is hostile, and he is insincere. The setting and symbolism reinforce the separation of two from each other and from the rest of society.

For example, we learn that

the station was between two lines of rails.

The rails represent the two possible directions the couple could head: they could have the baby and build a life together, or Jig could have an abortion. The man and...

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