In "Hills Like White Elephants," does the American man love Jig?

The American man’s love for Jig is conditional. He says that he loves her, but implies that his love will end if she does not have an abortion. This shows how their relationship is troubled and based on emotional manipulation. It is reflective of Hemingway’s modernist perspective on relationships in the post-WWI world.

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In “Hills Like White Elephants,” the relationship between the American and Jig seems to be based more on emotional dependency than authentic love. Consider how Jig asks the American if he loves her. He replies,

I love you now. You know I love you.

This response suggests that his love for her is dependent on whether or not she does what he wants her to do. Their dialogue throughout the story implies that Jig is pregnant and that the American man she is with wants her to have an abortion. Jig does not seem to want the operation and...

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