In her author's note, Westover cautions that this memoir is not about Mormonism or "any form of religious belief" and that she rejects a negative or positive correlation between believing or not believing, being kind or not being kind. But her father's faith informs how he sees the world. What did you make of chapter 8, "Tiny Harlots," which moves from Gene's distrust of Westover's dance recital uniform to his pride over her singing in church?

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Certain doctrines and faiths have developed codes of conduct for their followers. These codes or rules often set believers away from nonbelievers and help members adhere to a common set of norms. Westover portrays Gene's distrust of her dance recital uniform through the lens of his Mormon doctrine. The LDS church encourages young people and adults to dress with modesty and humility. In this religion, members believe that clothing should reflect chastity. Gene...

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