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by William Shakespeare

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In Hamlet’s 5th soliloquy that begins, “’Tis now the very witching time of night,…” Hamlet indicates how he will “speak daggers” to his mother. What does this mean? Quote the line that indicates Hamlet’s conflicted feelings about his mother.

When Hamlet says that he will "speak daggers" to his mother, he simply means that the nature of his confrontation will be so brutally honest that it will seem incredibly cruel. He is going to lay bare all of his suspicions and discoveries at her feet, though he resolves not to be tempted to physically harm her.

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This soliloquy is given by Hamlet at a point in the play wherein the audience is beginning to suspect that parts of his erratic behavior may be more than just an act. Though he shows an impressive amount of control and levelheadedness when talking only to Horatio , he has begun to contemplate murder and vengeance in a very real and personal way. His demeanor is laying bare the state of his tortured mind....

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