In Hamlet did Hamlet really love his father, and what are some examples?  

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Hamlet did very much love his father; in fact, he seems to have idolized him. Therefore, even before he meets his father's ghost, he is deeply saddened by his father's death. He is upset as well that his mother remarried so quickly, and he compares Claudius very unfavorably to his father. He calls his father "Hyperion" or a god of heavenly light, while he calls Claudius a "satyr." A satyr in Greek mythology was half human, half goat and known for its crude sexual appetites. Beyond the very short length of time between his father's death and his mother's remarriage, Hamlet also can't grasp how his mother, having had such a man as his father for a husband, could marry someone so much inferior.

Hamlet is also deeply moved when he meets his father's ghost. It is clearly against Hamlet's nature to want to murder Claudius, and yet it is his beloved father commanding him to avenge his death. No wonder he is upset at his situation.

Later, when a frenzied Hamlet confronts his mother over her marriage...

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