In Gulliver's Travels, what is Swift's message for humanity?

In Gulliver's Travels, Swift's message for humanity is that different cultures should learn from each other. To some extent, Gulliver represents the insularity of Swift's Britain. And it is only by getting acquainted with myriad different cultures that he's able to break free of that insularity and learn more about the world around him.

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Gulliver's various journeys can be seen as providing him with valuable experience of the wider world. A somewhat naive and insular young man at the start of his journeys, Gulliver becomes more worldly wise due to his first-hand experiences of different cultures and their customs.

Like many of his contemporaries, Gulliver initially has an instinctive belief that all facets of British life are the best in the world. It's only when he comes into contact with representatives of different cultures that he realizes just how bizarre some of his country's customs appear to others. The rational equine creatures, the Houyhnhnms, find British political traditions positively irrational, not to say outright barbarous.

Encountering these creatures gives Gulliver a perspective on British life that he would otherwise never have acquired had he remained back home in Blighty. In learning about other cultures, he's learned so much more about his own.

Armed with the new insights he's been given by his many...

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