Gathering Blue Questions and Answers
by Lois Lowry

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In Gathering Blue, what could Kira not fix on the robe?

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Kira is able to fix everything on the robe.

For a time, she doesn't believe she'll be able to replace the blue on the robe. She never learned how to make blue dye because her mother doesn't know. The sky on the robe is beautiful, and she thinks it would be a good contrast to the rest of the design—but she doesn't know how to make it. Eventually, though, Matty brings her blue fabric, and she is able to repair the robe entirely. Christopher and Matty bring her more blue fabric and woad so she can plant it to dye her own blue threads in the future.

Jamison and Kira sit together the night before the robe is presented to go over it. They examine every detail and find nothing lacking. He is very pleased with her work as the Robe-Threader. When it is presented the next night, people are in awe. They're very impressed with the work she did. In the future, Kira will add to the robe to tell the stories of their people on the parts that aren't yet decorated.

Jamison tells her that each year only a few threads will be damaged and require repair. Her main job will be to create new embroidery on the robe. The first year—the year the story is about—was spent with Kira doing work to restore the parts of the robe that a past Robe-Threader had created. The following years will be working with the little Singer and the Carver to create the future through their work.

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