In Gathering Blue, how does the main character, Kira, change throughout the story?  

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Kira begins the story with a great deal of internal focus, and she can hardly be blamed for this. Through a combination of her mother and grandfather's efforts, she has been allowed to live in a world that would have ordinarily cast her out to die on the day of her birth. Kira is a cripple operating in a world in which there is little to no sympathy for someone who cannot contribute to society as standardized by the Way. She feels as though she barely has a place in the world as those around her shun her completely.

This all begins to change as Kira comes into her own as an artist, however. Through finding new skills and maturing, she begins to see that she does indeed have a place in the world and perhaps even the will and talent to change it for the better.

Kira changes quite a bit over the course of the story, and her changes are mainly focused in her own self-confidence. When readers first meet Kira, she appears somewhat fragile due to her limited mobility and the fact that her...

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