Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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In Frindle, how did the superintendent respond to the article?

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Judy Morgan is a reporter for the Westfield Gazette. She visits Lincoln Elementary School, and the secretary sends her to the principal, Mrs. Chatham. As principal, Mrs. Chatham tries to support her teachers and tells Judy Morgan how the students are not listening to Mrs. Granger when she tells them to stop using the word "frindle."

Although she visits Mrs. Granger's classroom and sees some of the students in detention, she does not get to interview Nick. She mysteriously receives a picture of the the class in the mail, with Nick's face circled. This picture is printed, along with the article.

The newspaper article creates a huge buzz. Judy Morgan reports truthfully but highlights the conflict and makes it sound very dramatic. The articles gets the attention of the townspeople, and some of them become angry. The superintendent is worried the negative attention will make the taxpayers want to give less money to the schools. He thinks the newspaper makes the school look bad, which makes his job harder. He takes out his anxiety on Mr. Chatham, and he yells at her for talking to Judy Morgan. Mrs. Chatham passes the anger on to Mrs. Granger.

The article starts to spread "frindle" outside of the school.

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