In Fences, what role does Bono play in Troy's character development?

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In Fences, one way that Bono helps develop Troy’s character is by providing the background about his friend’s earlier difficulties, including his incarceration. Because their friendship dates back to the period they were in prison together, Bono has unique insights into the changes Troy has undergone. Bono also attempts to exert a positive moral influence. This is shown in act 2, scene 1 when he expresses his disapproval of Troy’s infidelity

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Although Jim Bono is not a principal character in August Wilson’s play Fences, he is important because of his ongoing, long-term relationship with Troy Maxson. Bono has unique insights into Troy in part because the two men were incarcerated together. He is also the only character in the...

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play who is involved in Troy’s work as well as his life.

Bono, like Troy, is employed as a garbage collector. He understands the challenges and positive impact of turning one’s life around and, to a great extent, admires what Troy has accomplished. Bono tries to exert a positive moral influence on his friend. Bono speaks from the vantage point of a faithful husband in a happy marriage. Disapproving of Troy’s affair with Alberta, Bono cautions him about the damage it will cause to his marriage, perhaps even ending it.

In act 2, scene 1, Bono is helping Troy build the fence that Rose has requested. When Bono raises the topic of marriage, reminiscing about Troy and Rose’s early involvement, Troy realizes that this is because he wants to speak critically about Troy’s relationship with Alberta. Although he admits that he is aware of his error and agrees that he is hurting Rose, Troy becomes defensive. He tells Bono to attend to his own marriage by buying his wife a refrigerator. Exasperated, Bono leaves Troy to build the fence alone.

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