In Eclipse, what does Edward lie about that makes Bella is angry with him?

Edward lies about the trip to Florida, and Bella becomes angry with him when she learns about the lie. The truth is that Alice had told Edward that Bella was in danger, and he hides this information from Bella, instead getting her out of town by telling her that she needs to visit her mother in Florida for a while.

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In chapter 3 of Eclipse, Jacob reveals to Bella that Edward hadn't just recommended that Bella visit her mom in Florida in order to prove herself a caring daughter. Instead, Alice had told him about a vision she'd had showing Victoria returning to kill Bella. Desperate to protect Bella, Edward had generated the Florida trip in order to get Bella out of town—and therefore away from the danger Victoria presented.

Although his intentions were noble, Bella is angry because Edward lied about the circumstances of the trip. While she was in Florida, Victoria had indeed shown up in Forks, and Emmett and Jasper were close to capturing the bloodthirsty vampire. Unfortunately, Victoria escaped near the Quileute boundary, and this caused an angry exchange between Edward and Jacob.

After Edward tells Bella the complete truth, she realizes that his entire family was in on the lie. She feels betrayed and then realizes that in her absence, she her father was left completely alone and without any warning that he could have been in danger. Edward insists that Charlie was never in any danger, but Bella points out that he couldn't be sure of that because he wasn't even in town.

Bella demands that Edward be honest and forthcoming with her the next time she is in danger. She realizes that Victoria will not give up her vindictive quest to hunt Bella down "until someone [loses]." Edward finally relents, promising to be more truthful with Bella.

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