In Dubliners, there are multiple themes that appear as central issues, two of which are religion and paralysis. What are the two stories that have these two issues most apparently? Discuss them in light of this.

Two stories in Dubliners in which the issues of religion and paralysis are apparent are “The Sisters” and “Eveline.”

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One story in James Joyce’s Dubliners that contains both religion and paralysis is the first short story “The Sisters.” The presence of the brings issues of religion. The fact that the priest is sick and facing death links to paralysis. The priest physically can’t function.

Yet perhaps there’s another kind of paralysis in the story that you can discuss. Maybe you could discuss the priest’s inability to properly carry out his functions in the spiritual world. Maybe Joyce's first story confronts the theme of religious paralysis and the ways in which some religious leaders don’t live up to the principles of their positions.

Another story that addresses paralysis is “Eveline.” A lot happens in this story. In some ways, it might be presented as the antithesis of paralysis. Eveline plays with her friends and her dad, her mom dies, and she eventually meets someone named Frank. Yet all of this action has already happened. Presently, Eveline seems to be suffering from paralysis. She’s motionless and still. She’s looking out the window and thinking about the prior movements of her life, but she’s not actually doing much in her current environment.

You could also probably identify the paralysis theme in “Araby.” As for another story with a religious theme, you might want to use “Grace.”

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