In Disgrace, how is Petrus given power?

Petrus is given power through is status as a wealthy man and as Lucy's business partner. He is given further power over Lucy when she sells him her land in exchange for protection. It also seems that Petrus was somehow involved in Lucy's attack and rape; the fact that they come to an arrangement despite this is further evidence of his powerful position.

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For starters, Petrus is a powerful figure in Lucy's life since he is her business partner. He is also a wealthy man, which becomes apparent when, following the brutal attack on Lucy and David, there is a celebration to honor Petrus acquiring more land.

Later, after Lucy discovers that she is pregnant with her rapist's child, she sells her soul to Peter in a metaphorical sense. In exchange for selling him her land, Lucy accepts permission from Petrus to continue living in the house, together with a promise that he will protect her from becoming the victim of another attack. It is an arrangement that amounts to a civil marriage, despite it having been apparent that Petrus had somehow been involved in her attack and rape. To add insult to injury, Petrus already has two other wives, and the fact that Lucy was willing to accept this way of life as the price for her safety is indicative of his power.

Added to this is the fact that Petrus was close to Lucy's rapist, Pollux, and he creates an...

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